Agent Training, Development & Mentor-ship programs

We are a client focused agency but in order to be the best at that, we need the best agents that understand the different aspects of the industry.  No matter the level you join us in, we will partner you with a Mentor within the agency that will help you through all aspects of your on boarding,  carrier and industry training (when needed) and development into a manager if that is the chosen path.  We help YOU grow.

We have the following available for different levels of Agents:

  1.  Insurance course and licensing availability and discounts
  2.  Contracting services and carrier relationships
  3.   Industry and Product training & development
  4.   Marketing Resources
  5.   Vetted lead sources
  6.   Policy Retention training
  7.   Management training and coaching
  8.   Team and agency building mentor-ship
  9.   National leadership conferences
  10.   Incentive trips



We will do whatever we can to assist you develop, recruit and grow your agency.  We have a free recruiting program which means once you are an active producing agent with us, have been with us for at least 90 days and proven you can handle the training and on-boarding we will run marketing campaigns to help build your agency at little to no cost to you.

All agencies and agency owners have a different vision which means what ever your goals are is what ours will be for you.


Career Opportunities



Legacy Group & Associates is always looking for good people to add to our growing family. We don’t partner with just anyone, we look for a small set of important qualities in a potential partner. We look for a blend of a friendly, outgoing, kind personalities and the willingness to be part of a team.  We partner with people that have the determination of a warrior and the heart of those who want to serve others. We look for a driven person who is clearly a self-starter and is motivated to better their life and their family’s life.  We ultimately look for someone who is coach-able and willing to help others succeed in this business as well.   Legacy Group is truly a growing family and part of a bigger family of agencies.  We all work together to grow in our chosen markets.  If this sound intriguing or exciting to you, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you promptly.









Why Legacy Group?


WE CARE ABOUT YOUR GROWTH AND SUCCESS.  We are part of IFG Innovative Financial Group, the fastest growing, most educational and highly respected group in the country and have been recently voted IMO of the Year.  Below are some highlights or what you will get when you partner with us and IFG

  1.  Unmatched training & resources with the most   highly respected leaders in the entire industry.
  2.  IFG University is an online training platform that makes your transition to our company or into the Insurance industry as seamless as possible.  The university allows contracting,  education and growth part of our focus to assist you in reaching your financial goals.
  3.  FREE Agency building platform – when you are ready we help you recruit in your chosen markets helping you build your team the way YOU want.  We provide as much guidance as needed.
  4.  Vested from day 1
  5.  Full Transparency and always debt free open   release
  6.  WE HAVE CALENDAR LEADS – Imagine leads   scheduling appointments themselves.
  7.  Exclusive, Vetted, Unique leads and multiple   sources
  8.   National trips available to those who are consistent producers and qualify


Prospective Agent Questionnaire

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